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L3Harris ENVG-B Enhanced Night Vision Binoculars


Product Highlights

Experience superior situational awareness with the advanced technology of L3Harris ENVG-B night vision system. Lightweight, durable, and versatile for multiple applications. Buy now for a limited time offer.


The Most Versatile Night Vision Binoculars – L3Harris ENVG-B Enhanced Night Vision Goggles

The L3Harris ENVG-B Night Vision Goggles are enhanced with superior capacities to target engage and neutralize pitfalls enhancing charge success and driver safety. The ENVG-B is a helmet- mounted, binary- waveband goggle with assiduity- leading, fused white phosphor and thermal technologies.

Enhanced Features for Improved Performance

The L3Harris ENVG-B comes with a variety of enhanced features that improve its overall performance.
These features include a color display, which provides better contrast and sharper image quality, as well as a thermal overlay that helps you see through fog and smoke.
The goggles also have a built-in compass and inclinometer, which help you navigate and maintain your bearings in low-light environments.

Professional-Grade Night Vision System for Critical Operations

These Enhanced Night Vision Goggles make a professional-grade night vision system that is designed for critical operations.
Used by military personnel and law enforcement agencies around the world, these goggles provide superior situational awareness and enable operators to navigate in complete darkness.
The system is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and is an essential tool for anyone who needs to operate in low-light environments.

Versatile Functionality for Multiple Applications

The ENVG-B is a versatile night vision system that can be used for a wide range of applications, including military operations, law enforcement, and hunting.
These goggles provide superior situational awareness and can be used in a variety of environments, from urban to rural settings.
With their advanced technology and versatile functionality, the ENVG-B goggles are the perfect tool for anyone who needs to operate in low-light conditions.

Key Features of L3Harris Night Vision Goggles

It incorporates RTA capabilities to the goggle, enabling soldiers to see around corners and behind cover without risk of exposure while targeting.
This gives soldiers the ability to identify, assess and engage a target with greater accuracy and speed, both of which are exponentially important to protecting the Army’s most powerful
asset—its soldiers.

Fusion Technology

Soldiers get real-time, actionable intelligence through the fusion of Image Intensified (I2) white phosphor tubes and thermal imaging.

Augmented Technology

Soldiers keep eyes on target without having to look down to read maps or check radios for critical information.

Rapid Target Acquisition

Soldiers can see around corners without risk of exposure
Allows soldiers to identify, assess and engage targets with greater accuracy and speed.

L3Harris ENVG-B Specifications

  • Provides Improved Situational
  • Awareness, Mobility, Lethality
  • Binocular Image Intensifier channel
  • Latest in 12 μm LWIR FPAs
  • Full color 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
  • display for maps and information overlay
  • Compatible with Smart Battery
  • Pack for RTA and AR
  • Unparalleled Low-Light Night
  • MIL-SPEC 18 mm I
  • Gen III white phosphor technology
  • 2304 Figure-Of-Merit
  • 32 Signal-to-Noise-Ratio
  • 72 lp/mm resolution
  • L3Harris envg-b price: $4398

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