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We’ve got you covered! Here are some precision tactics we would advice for you especially if you are a beginner! 

Snug the Rifle Screws

Check your rifle for loose screws. The bedding screws that secure your rifle to the stock are very important for accuracy and should be tightened according to the manufacturer’s specification. Refer to your manual or speak with the manufacturer to ascertain the proper amount of torque for each bedding screw.

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Thank you guys for the arm grip tutorial you provided! It did a lot more than help to me, I've got perfect on shooting so soon.
Audrey Sonia
Audrey Sonia
The Bushnell Range finder wasn't really what I expected, maybe it's the model number I didn't specify well, but I've ordered the precise model I wanted, I'll do the testing when it gets to me and give you feedback
Nobert Kingston
Nobert Kingston
Really have to say I'm tremendously delighted with the qualitative view of the TCN-11 I got from you guys! it's so damn precise more than I imagined, you guys deserve an applaud
Macy Peterson
Macy Peterson

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