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Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

Take your hunting or shooting to the next level with the Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope. Exceptional clarity and precision, built to last, and easy to use and customize, this scope is the ultimate choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical professionals. Buy now from XYZ Sporting Goods and experience unmatched performance in any weather condition.


Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

Built to Last: Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

The popular Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope every component, feature, and performance is so well thought out and executed of the Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 rifle scope, it’s almost scary.

Exceptional Clarity and Precision

The Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is built to deliver exceptional clarity and precision, even in the most challenging conditions.

With high-density extra-low dispersion glass, the scope provides sharp and bright images, ensuring you can see your target clearly and accurately.
The scope features a fast focus eyepiece and a true 1x magnification, allowing for quick and easy target acquisition at close range. At longer distances, the scope can zoom in up to 6x magnification, providing you with a clear and detailed view of your target.
With its high-quality lens coatings and advanced reticle options, the Razor HD II is the perfect choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical professionals who demand the best.

Built to Last

The Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. With its aircraft-grade aluminum construction and shockproof design, the scope can withstand heavy recoil and harsh environments, ensuring it will last for years to come.
The scope is also waterproof, fog proof, and filled with argon gas to prevent internal fogging, ensuring you can use it in any weather condition without compromising its performance.
The Razor HD II also comes with Vortex’s VIP warranty, which covers any damage, repair, or replacement of the scope for life.

With Vortex’s commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Content Section 3: Easy to Use and Customize

The Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is designed with ease of use in mind.

Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to mount on any rifle, without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.
The scope’s intuitive and easy-to-use features include a low-profile turrets for precise and repeatable adjustments, and an illuminated reticle with multiple brightness settings for use in any lighting condition.

The Razor HD II also includes customizable turrets with the option to choose between MOA or MRAD, and zero-stop functionality, allowing you to quickly and easily reset to zero after sighting in.

More Features

At the present time, its nearly ¼ of a pound lighter than previous models. Above all, the Gen II-E 1-6 is a top tier optical solution for short to medium range tactical applications.

As a result, making this scope perfect for the AR platform. The Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 delivers the highest level of clarity, resolution, color accuracy, light transmission, and sharpness.

With its HD scope configured with a JM-1 BDC (Ballistic Drop Compensation) reticle on the second focal plane (SFP), its reticle illumination is controlled using a dedicated turret.

The illuminator has eleven brightness settings, and an Off position between each setting allows the shooter to quickly return to their previously used level of illumination without unnecessary cycling through other settings.

The generous eye relief generates a heads up display for fast target acquisition and monitoring of the surrounding environment.

The daylight bright illuminated center dot gives shooters ultimate close quarters versatility.

This Vortex Razor HD Rifle Scope is the best deal you can get for a start on rifle scopes.


  • Magnification: 1-6x
  • Objective lens: 24mm
  • Maintube diameter: 30mm
  • Index-matched optical system
  • APO apochromatic objective lens
  • HD extra-low dispersion elements
  • XR anti-reflective lens coating
  • Etched-glass reticle on the second focal plane
  • JM-1 BDC (Ballistic Drop Compensation) reticle with illuminated aiming point
  • Reticle illumination system with 11 brightness settings and intermediate Off positions
  • Capped low-profile windage and elevation turrets with knurled grips
  • 1/2 MOA impact point adjustment clicks, 50 MOA travel per rotation
  • Fast focus eyepiece with 4″ eye relief


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