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Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20x50 30mm Advanced Rifle Scope

The Rudolph Varmint V1 5-20×50 is perfect for thick brush Varmint hunting when the game could show up at any distance and it’s by far one of the Best.


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Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20x50 30mm Advanced Rifle Scope

Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20×50 – Ultimate Precision Optic for Varmint Hunting

Best scopes for shooting – The Varmint Series V1 2.5-15×50 Scope with T3 Reticle is the best hunting riflescope when shooting over short to long distances for the value.

The high-performing target optics features very efficient light transmission and an extremely wide magnification range, it fulfills all requirements when shooting by day or in twilight.

The Ultimate Precision Optic for Varmint Hunting

The Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20×50 is the ultimate tool for any varmint hunter looking to take their accuracy to the next level.

With its advanced reticle system and crystal-clear optics, you’ll be able to make accurate shots at even the smallest targets.

And with its wide magnification range, you’ll have the versatility to take on a wide range of hunting scenarios.

Designed for Optimal Comfort and Durability

Varmint hunting requires long hours in the field, which is why the Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20×50 is designed for optimal comfort and durability.

Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable shooting experience, while its rugged construction can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Plus, its weather-resistant design means you can hunt in any weather, without worrying about damage to your optic.

Unmatched Features for Enhanced Performance

The Rudolph Varmint v1 5-20×50 is packed with advanced features to help you achieve the best possible performance in the field.

Its advanced reticle system includes windage and elevation adjustments, ensuring pinpoint accuracy even in challenging conditions.

Plus, its fast-focus eyepiece makes it easy to quickly adjust to changing hunting scenarios, while its high-quality optics provide crystal-clear images, even at long ranges.

The long eye relief of the V1 2.5-15×50 also makes it very suitable for the big caliber rifles. The illuminated T3 reticle provides quick target acquisition, even in low light situations.

The 6x illumination settings allow you to get the most of your time in the field and the highest setting is daylight bright. This scope is perfect for thick brush hunting when game could show up at any distance.

This is by far one of the best scopes for shooting


  • 2.5-15x Magnification
  • 50mm Objective Lens
  • 30mm tube
  • T3 Illuminated Reticle
  • 6x Illumination settings
  • Tactical Pop-up Turrets
  • 65 MOA Total Elevation Travel
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Side focus Parallax adjustments
  • 100% Waterproof, fog proof and shock proof
  • Coil spring system keeps a point of impact securely against the heavy recoil
  • Includes flip-up caps
  • NQA Lifetime Warranty


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