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ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles (ATN NVG7 Gen 2)

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Take your nighttime adventures to the next level with the ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles. Featuring advanced White Phosphor Technology Imaging and a durable design, these goggles provide unparalleled visibility and comfort in the darkest conditions. Order now and unleash your night vision capabilities!


Discover the Power of ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles – See Clearly in the Dark

ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles is a series of compact, lightweight, and extremely rugged night vision goggles that offer you the hands free flexibility necessary to engage in a wide variety of tactical operations or simply travel light without having to worry about carrying your night vision device in one or both hands.

The lightweight design and the easy and simple method in which these goggles can be mounted on your head make them a perfect choice for anyone that demands flexible movement in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to be tied down with a monocular or pair of binoculars that demand being held at all times.

It is this resilience, this rugged yet lightweight design, that makes the ATN NVG7 series goggles perfect for anyone from the camper and amateur to the professional, like Law Enforcement, Military, or even SWAT.

These are great goggles at an incredibly low price and will serve you well in a wide variety of situations.

See the Unseen with the ATN NVG7-2 Night Vision Goggles

These ATN NVG7-2 Night Vision Goggles are the perfect tool for anyone looking to see in the dark. With advanced night vision technology, these goggles enable you to see in complete darkness, making them ideal for nighttime activities such as hunting, camping, and security patrols.

Featuring the latest White Phosphor Technology Imaging (WPTI), these goggles provide a clear and bright image that is easy to see, even in the darkest conditions.

The ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles also have an automatic brightness control system that adjusts the brightness of the image based on the ambient light conditions, ensuring that you always have a clear and visible image.

Comfort and Durability You Can Rely On

These ATN NVG7 Gen 2 Night Vision Goggles are not only functional but also comfortable and durable. Made from high-quality materials, these goggles are built to withstand the toughest conditions, making them perfect for outdoor activities.

The adjustable head mount ensures that you can wear them comfortably for long periods of time, and the goggles are also waterproof and dustproof, providing reliable protection in any environment.

With a long battery life and easy-to-replace batteries, you can rely on the ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles for all of your nighttime activities.

Take Your Nighttime Adventures to the Next Level

Whether you’re a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or security professional, the ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles are the perfect tool to take your nighttime adventures to the next level.

With their advanced night vision technology and durable design, these goggles enable you to see in complete darkness, providing you with an unprecedented level of visibility and safety.

With the ability to detect even the slightest movements, these goggles give you an edge over your prey or enemy, making them an essential tool for any nighttime mission.


  • Magnification: 1 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 26 mm
  • Additional Features: 32-39 lp/mm Resolution
  • Included Accessories: Manual, Warranty Card, Lens tissue, Lithium Battery, Soft Carrying Case, Head Mount Assembly, Goggle Kit
  • Finish: Matte
  • Focus Range: 0.25 m to Infinity
  • Night Vision Generation: 2
  • Field of View, Angle: 40 degrees
  • Battery Type: CR123A
  • Weight: 0.5 kg, 1.1 lb
  • Image Intensifier Color: WPT
  • Diopter Adjustment Range: -6 – 2 dpt
  • Fogproof: Yes
  • Magnification Type: Fixed
  • Caps: Yes
  • Zoom: No
  • Case: No
  • Eye Relief: 25 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40 – 50 Celsius
  • Armoring: Hard Plastic
  • Strap: No
  • Application: Night Vision

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1 review for ATN NVG7-2 WPTI Night Vision Goggles (ATN NVG7 Gen 2)

  1. William Turner

    I bought these for stargazing, and they’re phenomenal! The image quality is outstanding, capturing the beauty of the cosmos with unmatched clarity. Astronomy enthusiasts, take note!

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